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brittany fourman United States

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About me

Brittany-loves justin bieber and will marry him Madison- doesn't care for justin bieber...or what other people think emma- hmmm.... justin beaver? isn't he like 12?


drugs and partyin


justin bieber

Movies and TV:

Brittany- Vampire Diaries and My Name is Earl
Madison- Japanime and fantasy movies
emma- glee! the only hour of tv worth watching


brittany- cross country, track, dance, and sports med
Madison- sleeping, eating, and staying alive through coffee.
emma- marching band.... its a sport too!!!


brittany- created a book about my life with Justin Bieber
Madison- Wrote an ACTUAL novel, loves to draw.
emma- band, art, other stuff


justin bieber is the hottest man/woman alive.end of conversation


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